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5 Photography Tips for Bridal Portrait Session

The sole purpose of the bridal portrait is to showcase the bride’s beauty and put the focus on the wedding dress that they wear. On top of that, the most rewarding part of a bridal portrait is when the bride gets happy and feels like on top of the world. A lot of brides come to us and tell us how amazing the photoshoot experience has been for them. 

It gives us pleasure to be a part of such an experience where we get to embrace the bride’s beauty and give the best portraits. During bridal portraits, the most important thing is to make the bride comfortable and feel relaxed. Then come the location and time of the day that affects the look and feel of the pictures. 

We, at Studio RGB, have always put our focus on giving something precious to our clients. When it comes to couples, it is important to give them pictures that they can cherish for a lifetime. The bridal portrait, the intimate pre wedding photoshoots and wedding photoshoots should really have all the details and a story that can become immortal. So, if you are looking for timeless bridal portrait photography tips then you give these points given below a try.

1. Start with the Dress

If you are doing bridal portrait photoshoot for the first time, you can start with featuring the dress. This is one of the easiest and efficient ways to start with the photo shoot. Try to be as detailed as possible. Take pictures from different angles and strive to experiment more. 

2. Use Sun as Backdrop

For your bridal portrait, if you are confused about taking close shots in front of random backgrounds or a plain background, you can just use the sun as your backdrop. This can enhance your picture and give a magical look to the bride. Try to have photoshoot during the day.

3. Feature the Groom

To level up your bridal portrait game and create more intimate memories, try to add groom to the photoshoot. Adding the groom can instantly turn your bridal photoshoot into a romantic couple photoshoot. For this, you can also choose a location like a garden or a monument. 

4. Choose the Perfect Location

When it comes to doing a bridal portrait, background plays a very important role. You can try out with different backgrounds like a pond, a garden, a historical place, a hotel or anything that enhances the photos. Just make sure that you don’t ruin the bride’s dress during the process. 

5. Stick to the List of Shots

The final advice that we can give you is that stick to the list of shots. If you have made a list of shots like a far shot, a shot from the top or a close shot of face or maybe a shot of just the dress then make sure that you have all of them. This can make the work a whole lot easy for you. If you still don’t have a list then it’s time to get one. 

Conclusion -

In the end, a bridal portrait is about celebrating the bride and her new life. You don’t have to fret too much about ruining the photo shoot if you put the right foot forward. You can follow the tips mentioned above if you want to have the best photoshoot.