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Pankaj & Ritika || Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Mumbai

We have done a lot of Pre Wedding Photoshoots and each one of them has given us memories that we can’t help but cherish. Whenever someone asks us which one was our best, it might sound cliché but we say all of them. But there is one that we can never forget. It was the pre wedding photoshoot of Pankaj and Ritika. Thinking about that adorable couple surely brings back so many memories. They had a beach photoshoot and they wanted the best wedding photographer, best pre wedding photographer to be priced. Now, when it comes to capturing a couple, what’s most important is to capture the chemistry between them. That chemistry is what brings out the story of love.

Now, there were a lot of candid moments that we made sure to capture in their photoshoot that a good candid photographer can do. But we surely possess the skills required to capture the most candid moments of a couple, whether it is a wedding or not. In order to see the true beauty of pre wedding photoshoots, check out their pictures from it and decide for yourself.

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