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Garvit & Sanjlika | A Prewedding Shoot in Picture Villa

One of the best things about pre wedding photoshoots is that you can get as creative as possible with them. Pre weddings are supposed to give you not just an escape from the wedding responsibilities but also some intimate time to spend with your lover. 

Now, the fate of a pre wedding photoshoot lays in the hands of a couple as well as the overall theme. The confidence, the experimenting and the openness with the photographer matter a lot. The same thing happened with Garvit and Sanjlika’s pre wedding photoshoot in Picture Villa. 

We had one of the most amazing time shooting with the couple. Their chemistry, their confidence and their love for each other truly inspired us so we decided to give our best to the couple. As you can see from the pictures, Garvit & Sanjlika really had fun during their pre wedding photoshoot. 

When it comes to pre wedding photoshoots, there’s plenty of room for creativity and there’s so much you can do if you have the right photographer with you. That’s why, at Studio RGB, we provide one of the best pre wedding photography services in India. We have been in the industry long enough to understand the needs of the couples. So feel free to contact Studio RGB for wedding photography or pre wedding photography related needs. 

Full Event - Garvit & Sanjlika | A Prewedding Shoot in Picture Villa