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   Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi - Studio RGB

Wedding photography is not just a profession for making good money. While some may just consider it as a profession, for many it is a passion. It may seem very simple from far away. A photographer who just takes thousands of photos and videos during the wedding celebrations. It is much more than just taking some photos. A whole lot of effort and creativity goes into capturing a wedding. Moreover, wedding photography comes with a lot of stress. A photographer is constantly on his toes to get things done. Moreover, wedding photography is an art form just like any other type of photography. So, it requires a lot of creativity and passion to capture a wedding. Wedding photography is about capturing all the activities of a wedding but creatively.

Recent Trends in Wedding Photography -

The trends in the wedding industry always keep changing. Due to the high presence of social media, trends are changing at a fast pace. The recent trends include Pre-wedding shoots and growing demands for planning a wedding at an exotic location. Couples also wants to get their pre-wedding shoot done at an exotic location. The vibe of the location really changes the whole overall result of the photos and videos captured. Many couples usually want their wedding to be similar to their favorite celebrities. These days couples want their guests to just enjoy the wedding without using their phones. Some couples are so serious about it that they temporarily take the phones of their guests during the ceremony. The other trend which is not new for the west but getting popularized in other places is of elopement. Some couples skip the whole wedding preparations and celebrations part and just get married at a different location in the presence of some witnesses.

Difference Types of Wedding Photography -

There are many types of wedding photography. The most famous being traditional wedding photography and Candid wedding photography. But there are many types excluding them which people need to know about. Recently, ariel photography is becoming widely popularized. This is also called drone wedding photography, where a drone takes Ariel shots of the couple while they are on en exotic location. A wedding photographer may have many other creative ideas for this type of wedding photography. The other type of wedding photography is portrait photography. It is a small part of wedding photography but it can not be ignored. It brings variation to your wedding photographs and is great when you want formal posed pictures. The other type of wedding photography is natural wedding photography. This type of photography is all about capturing photos in natural light. The use of artificial lighting is completely missing from this type of photography because the outcome of natural light photography is unmatchable. Other types of wedding photography are vintage photography, black and white photography and illustrative photography.

What Qualities and Skills a Professional Wedding Photographer must have?

A Wedding Photographer must be professional and highly skilled. The clients have a lot of expectations from the wedding photographer. One of the qualities which are a must for a wedding photographer is his ability to work calmly under pressure. He must be someone who is highly skilled in using his pieces of equipment. He should be a pro when it comes to any technical aspect of his pieces of equipment or his teams equipment. A wedding photographer needs to be on his toes throughout. There is no time limit as whenever the party ends, his work ends. He may not get any rest throughout the party. So this can be really draining, both mentally and physically. Also, it is very important that he does his work very creatively and artistically. So, his growing experience will keep teaching him new things at every wedding and he will face different types of problems at different weddings. A wedding photographer captures all the activities that happen around him at a wedding. He must have good decision-making skills and must know how to prioritize.

Wedding Photography in Delhi -

Delhi is a great place to get married. Delhi can offer you every type of location. Be it royal hotels, luxurious hotels, trekking sites or traditional places, Delhi has it all. You can plan your pre-wedding shoot or portrait shoot at any Unique location in Delhi. There are many choices when we talk about choosing a wedding photographer in Delhi. To capture your perfect wedding moments you must hire the best wedding photographer in Delhi who can really capture all your beautiful images with full grace.

How to Select the best Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

Finding the best wedding photographer in Delhi is very important. It can be very overwhelming to search for the best wedding photographer in Delhi. All you need to do is, play smart. If you have already hired a wedding planner, your work is half done. The wedding industry is a very close-knit industry, so one person can lead you to another. Your vendors or your wedding planner can easily tell you about many photographers they have already worked with. But the point is not to hire a wedding photographer blindly. Your compatibility with your wedding photographer completely depends on your equation. Make sure you set up a meeting before choosing the best wedding photographer in Delhi. You can also look up on social media sites. You can find the best wedding photographer in Delhi through this method also.

Benefits of Hiring a Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi -

There are many benefits to hiring a best wedding photographer in Delhi. A best wedding photographer will be someone who will be much more than a normal wedding photographer. He will give his own ideas regarding everything. He will not think of capturing your wedding just as work. It will be much more than it. He would not limit his working hours or the amount of work, he will passionately do more than expected out of him. He will help you with small things, like your makeup or the theme of a wedding. But it all depends on your equation with your photographer. He must be someone you are comfortable with as the relationship required for such an occasion must be strong.

Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer before hiring?

There are many questions you need to ask the wedding photographer in Delhi before hiring him. Some questions are stated below that you must have to ask before selecting one.

1. When are you available?

During the wedding season, the best wedding photographers are usually not available. The bookings are done months prior so that you can get captured by your favourite wedding photographer. Make sure you get all the bookings done on time as you may not want to miss out on the best wedding photographer in Delhi. Also, ask your wedding photographer about his available dates before you set anything up.

2. What is your style of photography?

This is a very important question and you must not miss it. You may have seen your friends wedding and liked the unique photographs. So, do not think that the style of photography does not matter because it does. Choose a style of photography and then ask your wedding photographer if he specializes in it or not.

3. Are you experienced?

Every wedding is unique and the experience gained from each wedding is different. A wedding photographer experience will definitely show in his work. You must ask about his experience before hiring him. And all the other factors such as, What was the scale of wedding you captured? Do not shy away from asking such questions. This will make you more confident in your choice.

4. Will you shoot the wedding yourself?

Many high-end wedding photographers have a whole team behind them. So, it may be possible that he already has a different wedding to capture so he might send his team to capture your wedding. But if you want the lead photographer to capture your wedding, you must explain this to him. Also, it is always better to ask this question in advance.

Why Choose Studio RGB for your Wedding?

Studio RGB is an invention of the young photographer, Raunak Sharma who specializes in candid wedding photography. He is, without a doubt, the best wedding photographer in Delhi. His passion and enthusiasm for wedding photography make him the best wedding photographer in Delhi. He captures high-quality photos and videos for his clients. For him, his clients matter the most and he always keeps their expectations and vision first. He is very experienced and highly-skilled in what he does. His expertise in wedding photography makes him credible enough to be called as the best wedding photographer in Delhi. If you have a checklist for your wedding, you must hire this amazing wedding photographer in Delhi. He will make sure that all your dreams about your wedding are fulfilled in a unique way. He will create some heavenly memories for you and your family. Studio RGB will capture your wedding in an amazing way.

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